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Poster: Tyler Date: Nov 2, 2003 10:50am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: The Slip responds...

but is it possible to have a relationship with a band where they get to determine which shows are archived, or is that too complex?

It is totally do-able. Look to Tristan Prettyman as an example: she has a stipulation that ONLY shows she has personally OK'd for quality can be archived here. If she hasn't said OK on a show / source it cannot be shared on the archive. This is known as a 'limited' policy.

What The Slip can do is have it similar to the band Pepper has: where the management lists their mailing address and when a taper records a show, he/she mails the recording with their info to the band. If the band deems that the recording has quality / band performance to their OK of expectations, they will let the admins here at as well as the taper know, then he/she will upload the show to the archive and share the tunes.

The cool thing about the archive is that it is TOTALLY customizable to whatever the band wants. if they only want date ranges (1999-2000) allowed, or no Soundboards, or anything, the archive can make a policy page on their wishes and it can be changed too.

Hope that helps! i have never heard of the band, but i'm sure they rock.


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Poster: chops11 Date: Nov 2, 2003 11:36am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: The Slip responds...

i think another good example would be Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra:

Del, the band archivist, told me "my answer is yes BUT only if it comes directly from us." they also sell shows through Rockslide. This way they can control both aspects.